Feedback from my clients

“I feel like I won the lottery when Faye became my personal trainer!  I wanted help to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.  What I receive is so much more.  Faye crafted a training routine that accommodates my damaged knees without backing off the goals.  The routines are designed so I can do many of them at home or while traveling.  She is very attentive to form. I've learned the value of slowing down the movement, holding the last arc of the move and centering my thoughts on each movement for immediate improvement.  She is kind and soft-spoken while never allowing the routine to become uninteresting or me to get lax.  That's a nice way of saying she get results and you still like her in the process.”

"I have been training with Faye for almost a year and have had a fabulous experience. Faye is professional, supportive, motivational and extremely passionate about fitness.  With Faye’s encouragement and goal-setting, I completed my first 5K race. I couldn't have done it without her!  I would highly recommend Faye as a personal trainer."

“Faye is one of those rare trainers, that is both knowledgeable and can absolutely zoom right in on what is needed and super fun.  When I started training with Faye, my form was off, my strength was low and I did not even realize it, but one side of my body was significantly weaker than the other.  Right away Faye noticed, course corrected and within a very few sessions I was really feeling strong and balanced.  Faye also likes to mix it up with her techniques, we did some hard but really fun stuff that pushed my limits and made me feel good about myself that I could do the challenges she put up to me.  But finally, Faye is just the nicest person, fun, smart and interesting to talk to.  I would HIGHLY recommend Faye to anyone - she helped shape me (pun intended) in more ways than one.”

"While working out at the gym, I saw Faye training another client.  I ended up ‘borrowing’ some of her routine that day and ‘felt’ the results shortly after!  I contacted Faye the next week to train with her on a regular basis.  She has a lovely disposition and pays close attention to form.  I have definitely felt myself getting stronger under her watchful eye.  We do a combination of weight training, TRX, bands and core exercises.  Whether you are just starting out or need to tweak your current routine, Faye would make a great addition to your healthy lifestyle!"